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OPC UA: The IEC standard for multi-vendor cloud solutions. Field to Cloud – Cloud to Cloud – Cloud to Field

OPC UA for Cloud Initiative As OPC UA is communication-protocol-independent, additional mappings to established communication protocol standards needed to be added to the specification for OPC UA PubSub, namely UDP for Field Level communication and MQTT for Cloud communication. Major cloud suppliers, AWS, Google Cloud, IBM, Microsoft Azure, Siemens Mindsphere, SAP and Alibaba Cloud, committed […]

Welcome to OT-IT convergence year

Round table InfoPLC++, 14/2/2018. The technologies advance and the possibilities of deploying digital architectures to go a step beyond the plant operations does not depend so much on the available solutions, but on the possibility of finding a definitive fit to the relationship between the vision of IT and OT, both technologically and culturally. Digitization […]