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Know the areas of knowledge and technical capabilities that the INLEAN team and its technology partners have.

Experts in Industrial Engineering, equipment and Information and Communication Technology, applied to the principal functional and productive areas of your business:

Functional and Technological Capacity


Equipment, Techniques and Technologies of Information and Communication


Process and industrial lines design.

Processes of formulation and assembly.

Continuous Improvement and Lean manufacturing.


Plant Modeling: data, process and production flow.

3D simulation of plant processes and plant distribution.

Integration of e Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) with systems with Manufacturing Execution System (MES).



Manufacturing Operations Management.

Batch Control.

Processes of weighing and dosing of materials.

Programming of finite capacity orders.

Security and conditions of materials handling.

Process traceability.

Product serialization and genealogy.


Automation and Control of Processes.

Historification of data, alarms and events.

Integration of data and events with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

Electronic manufacturing directories.

Manufacturing Execution System (MES).

Industrial Weighting and Dosing Systems (W & D).

Product Data Management (PDM).

Plant Operator terminals and mobility equipment.



Sampling for quality control and inspections in line.

Analysis SPC / SQC and trends of real time processes.

Exception handling.


Capture and historification of inspections data.

Process Analytical Technology (PAT).

Integration of data and events with Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS).



Local logistics operations.

Material reception / expedition at the consumption / production point.

Expedition of product to store.

Management of loading and unloading automatic stations for BIN containers.

Product traceability.


Distributed data capture and automatic identification (AutoID).

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES).

Integration of data and events with Warehouse Management System (WMS).

Plant Operator terminals and mobility equipment.



Planning and management of schedules and shifts.

Productivity incentives.

Employee qualification on the workplace.


Registration of performance data.

Access control and presence.

Compensation and flexible remuneration systems.



Electric and thermal energy management.

Electric quality improvement.

Energy balance improvement.

Correlation of consumption and production parameters.

Consumption Analysis by product / process.

Consumption forecast and trends.


Resource Efficiency Management (EM).

Energy Efficiency Management (EE).

Integration of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

Manufacturing Execution System (MES).

Measurements in accordance with DIN EN ISO50001 standard.



Productive asset management.

Status monitoring, preparation and calibration of equipment.

Total Productive Maintenance (TPM).


Indicators creation and performance reports (KPI / OEE).

Plant Operator terminals and mobility equipment.

Maintenance technologies based on quantitative and inspection data.



Project management.

Risk analysis.

Energy systems and ICT validation and rating.

Functional specifications.


Project management according to international standards of PMB.

Implementation of best practices for regulated industry based on ISPE GAMP5.