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I look forward to contributing to a successful 2017 by moving forward with our Industry 4.0 solutions

OPC UA, protocol for automation is now global standard of interoperability for Industry40


During the previous OPC Day Europe of 2015 on the site of Microsoft Corp. in Paris many news were revealed regarding the emerging OPC UA (Unified Architecture) protocol promoted by the OPC Foundation. These included three activities: completion of work on the Global Discovery Service (GDS), advancement in Publication / Subscription (Pub / Sub) mechanism specifications and TSN-based Ethernet (Time-Sensitive Networking ). For this reason, we are looking forward to the new OPC Day Europe 2016 one year later to see how it evolved within the biannual framework of the Munich Automatica Fair as part of the IT2Industry Pavilion.

You can access the complete article published in the Automática e Instrumentación Magazine nº 486 October 2016 (for registered users): http://www.automaticaeinstrumentacion.com/revista/iiot-internet-industrial-de-las-cosas-44221


Author: David Badia Sendra

About David Badia: He studied electrical engineering at ETSEIB, UPC, Barcelona. Since 1992 he has worked in ICT, industrial communications and MES solutions. Since 2012 he is a partner in INLEAN. He is a founding member in 2014 of the "Embedded Systems & IoT" Working Group of the Industry Committee 4.0 of the Engineers of Catalonia.

INLEAN Engineering in Germany mission to explore technological cooperation projects and move forward in the field of industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 Germany Mission

Several Catalan companies and technology centers have visited Germany on a mission led by the Department of Enterprise and Labour of the Government of Catalonia to was to explore technological cooperation projects and advance in the field of industry 4.0, considered the fourth industrial revolution after the arrival of steam.

Germany is considered the leading European country in the development of this new industrial model, which is based on the application of Internet of things, macrodata, robotics and augmented reality in factories and plants, to organize production. The different machines connected, interact and allow to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Strategic Attention Management, OSNOVA, INLEAN Engineering, Industrias Puigjaner, Hewlett Packard, Girbau, EGO Appliance Controls, Comexi Group, Brose, Biosystems, la Patronal Metal·lúrgica del Bages, AMEC and the technology centers Eureca and LEITAT, have visited Fraunhofer (the research German public body specializes in industry 4.0 and has seventy centers throughout the country), Synapticon (this German company develops hardware and software to connect machines and devices through sensors), and KUKA plant in Augsburg (the company is one of the leading manufacturers of industrial robots in the world).

This approach to innovation mechanisms in Germany has allowed Catalan and German companies and technology centers to share points of view on technological needs and search for technological cooperation projects.

At the institutional level, the Ministry of Economics Baden-Würrtemberg has received the Catalan delegation, headed by Pere Torres, in the context of the Four Motors for Europe and the economic relations between the two regions. The Ministry of Economics Baden-Würrtemberg has shared its experience in Alliance 4.0, a public initiative to boost the industry 4.0 in the region.

In late June, the governments of Catalonia and Germany launched a new program to encourage bilateral aid to Catalan and German companies to develop joint R&D and innovation projects. ACCIO is also helping Catalan companies find German partners for their projects. There are open initiatives and aids with Israel and Chile.

Young engineers and companies meet at 25th ETSEIB Forum

The Forum ETSEIB offers students and graduates of engineering a possibility: find the career path they want. Since each student has specific preferences, every year they invite companies from various sectors. During the Forum, students can not only get all the necessary information on the stands of the companies, but can participate in all the activities offered: cofee meetings, workshops and conferences; all designed to establish a more direct contact with the labor market.

INLEAN presents its career proposals for new engineers in the ETSEIB Forum area of SME companies www.forumetseib.upc.edu during 10th and 11th of March.

INLEAN is a consulting company of industrial engineering and information technology applied to manufacturing in biopharmaceutical and process industries. Focused on continuous improvement of operations and discrete and regulated production processes through the implementation of lean manufacturing methodologies as a strategic tool to achieve operational excellence and enhance the competitiveness of organizations. We build lasting relationships with our customers and collaborators moving forward together.

INLEAN and POMS strengthen long-term collaboration looking to great MES perspectives in regulated industry

POMS Corporation, the industry leader in web based MES (Manufacturing Execution System) solutions for regulated industries, announced a strategic partnership with INLEAN. With this alliance, the two companies are following a long-term collaboration of implementation and support, and are uniquely positioned to deliver next generation of configurable product based solutions to meet specific MES functionality required by their clients.  For more information, read the press release below or call David Badia at +34 934 941 411 or Darrell Tanner at POMS Corporation at +1 404-386-9279.

(Barcelona, Spain)  INLEAN Engineering, a systems integrator company with a long expertise in automation and manufacturing IT for Pharmaceutical engineering and process continuous improvement, has been delivering advanced solutions over POMS MES since 2002 to Spain’s industry.  POMS and INLEAN have a history of success in project implementation for Weigh & Dispense, Recipe Management, Quality, EBR and many other MES features. POMS is a pioneer and industry leader in web based paperless MES solutions for life sciences, fine chemicals, consumer packaged goods and other regulated industries.

The goal of this consulting agreement is to strengthen this collaboration by approaching the Spanish market together with the newest releases of POMS products, technology and certified training.

“INLEAN experience embraces MES systems implementation of different software vendors along a wide scope of functionality and production types, in the open sense of solutions and interfaces that the MES term usually defines. We help the industry in moving forward to a higher level of operational excellence and the POMS organization is committed to adding value to their leading products”, said David Badia, principal consultant of INLEAN. “Our relationship with POMS Corp. is excellent and both teams have built a long term professional relationship with collaboration and support of several shared customers in Spain.”

In this way INLEAN Engineering SL, has recently formed an official Consultancy Alliance with POMS Corp. for consultancy, training, implementation and validation as a solution provider of their MES products.

Tom Farenholtz, General Manager of POMS Corporation, said, “Our trust in INLEAN starts with their deep expertise of POMS MES delivery centred in the biotech cluster area of Barcelona and this agreement will expand our state-of-the-art MES products in this strategic bio-pharma and generics market of Southern Europe.”

POMS provides web based production management control system, consulting and project management services to large pharmaceutical and biologics corporations. POMS systems eliminate errors and minimize incidents to help make products right the first time and reduce compliance efforts.

POMS was founded in 1987 and has headquarters in Sterling, Virginia. Constellation Software of Toronto, Canada, purchased the company from Honeywell in 2012.


INLEAN Company

INLEAN’s mission is to provide advisory, consulting, training and implementation services focused on operations and manufacturing processes through MES/MOM* and PLM/PDM** systems to the industry considered a key element in the strategies of continuous improvement and Lean Manufacturing. – Lean Manufacturing as a combination of efficiency & dexterity throughout the product life cycle, from design and engineering, across manufacturing in plant, to recycling and re-engineering of the product, they apply market-leading technology to strengthen the three Lean pillars [Process+Information+People] by implementing solutions to Product and Process Lifecycle, Manufacturing Operations, Quality and Process Analytical and Resource Efficiency. Strength lies in a human team with over 15 years of successful delivery of projects combining high performance industrial engineering + information & communications technologies, and providing qualified "first level" customer support for the Automotive, Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnologies, Fine chemicals and Consumer Packaged Goods industries.

* Manufacturing Execution Systems / Manufacturing Operations Management
** Product Lifecycle Management / Product Data Management



POMS Corporation and Constellation Software

Constellation Software, Inc. is the owner of POMS Corporation, Constellation’s common shares are listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol “CSU”. Constellation acquires, manages and builds vertical market software businesses.

POMS Corporation offers 100% web based, paperless MES solutions for the Life Sciences, Fine Chemicals, Consumer Packaged Goods, and other Regulated Industries to meet regulatory requirements while reducing risk, lowering costs, improving efficiency and speed to market. The POMS operations staff has over 25 years of experience in Manufacturing Execution Systems and will match POMS products with your requirements to provide you with an economical best-in-class solution.


Choose an MES for discrete & process industries

Manufacturing Execution System MES stands for Manufacturing Execution Systems, term was first used in 1990 to describe a component of the overall information management system of a company. The definition, initially proposed by MESA (Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association) International, describes it as the information system that resides in the manufacturing plant or shopfloor and is located between planning systems at the offices and industrial control equipment at the plant.

The goal of a MES system is to provide status and progress information of all activities and resources employed in any part of a manufacturing system, including machines, materials, people and support systems.

MES systems provide vertical integration between levels of management and manufacturing. Contribute to closing the gap between the platform more technically oriented of machines and equipment, and the commercial oriented world of ERP systems and management. MES consist of an integrated and modular solution for managing production, human resources and quality and to provide the flow of information necessary for decision making. Also perform important functions for recording, evaluation and planning of these areas, by providing information to operations managers and production schedulers.

Generic requirements of MES to streamline tasks stand out among others:

  • Interfaces with the most common systems management market corporate ERP, HR management human resources and total quality management TQM.
  • Interfaces with machines, measuring equipment and devices plant.
  • Easy configuration and functional customization.
  • Collection and processing of data in real time.
  • Based on common industry standards solutions.
  • Conception of integrated and modular system.

For more effective implementation MES system requires an extensive range of standard features and configurable capabilities that can be applied both in the Discrete Manufacturing and Process Industries. Adaptability required by configuration, but also the ability to incorporate specific customized functionality for each industry. Since these sectors currently use multiple types of production processes, an MES solution that is industry-independent may be particularly advantageous.

PharmaProcess points to personalized medicine as the future trend


First edition of PharmaProcess Forum on pharmaceutical industry has targeted personalized medicine based on biotechnology, as a trend of the future, during the event last week at Fira Montjuïc in Barcelona.

   According to a statement, biotechnology has been one of the highlights of the forum, because the techniques of cell and molecular biology are key to the creation of new drugs based on genetic characteristics of each patient, explained the president of the Spanish Association of Pharmaceutical Industry, Beatriz Artalejo.

   Control of worldwide drugs counterfeit, especially on the Internet, is another major challenge that has been addressed in the conference, and the director of Spanish Agency of Medicines and Health Products, Belén Crespo, said that "between 7% and 10% of drugs circulating the Internet are fake" and that only ones who have passed all controls are sold in pharmacies.

   Papers have highlighted the importance of innovation to boost the sector , the president of the International Federation of Manufacturers and Associations, Eduardo Pisani, has been hailed as responsible for "saving lives on an epic scale."


   President of PharmaProcess organizing committee, Ton Capella was very pleased with the results of this first edition, which has exceeded initial expectations by bringing together more than 200 delegates, nearly 800 visitors, 55 speakers and 50 exhibitors.


(source Europa Press)

Inlean stand at PharmaProcess Forum.