Reach for the Clouds with POMSnet Aquila MES

POMS's continual investments in MES Research and Development results in an MES solution that is flexible, easy to learn, and does not require customization. In fact, none of our customers use a customized solution today!

POMSnet Aquila is a web-based manufacturing execution system (MES) crafted for Life Sciences manufacturing. Created using Microsoft .NET technology & HTML5, POMSnet is 100% web-based providing customers with an easy-to-learn interface that can be deployed and maintained cost effectively.

POMSnet Aquila includes recipe and specification management, materials management, equipment management, production order management, recipe execution, electronic batch records, and device history. POMSnet implements best practices and business logic for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Execution Systems. By providing a full set of specifications and authoring tools and implementing the system from the ground up using Microsoft .NET, POMS has created the next generation of MES systems on state-of-the-art technology.

POMSnet Aquila 2022.1 release is available now by contacting INLEAN.