POMS @ ISPE Europe 2017

Join us at the 2017 ISPE Europe Annual Conference in Barcelona, Spain, April 3-5. See you there!.

POMS and INLEAN as partner offers comprehensive new generation 100% Web/Cloud based Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence (EMI) products for Biopharmaceutical, Medical Device, and Consumer Packaged Goods manufacturers designed to meet regulatory requirements while reducing risk, lowering costs, improving efficiency and speed to market.

The POMSnet MES product is a GAMP5, Category 4 (Configurable Software) standard product that has over 29 years of built-in industry experience.

The out of the box fixed initial defined scope includes the following functionality: material management, weigh and dispense management, inventory management, autoid and barcode labeling management, process equipment management, basic process control integration, recipes with electronic work instructions, EBR, full forward and reverse material genealogy for traceability and an standard set of ERP transactions.

The POMS Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence (EMI) Quality Metric Reporting Suite will provide manufacturers with real time visibility and historical reports of their quality metrics and data.  Many of these will directly support metrics and data that will be required by the FDA and other potential auditors.

The POMS EMI EBR Dashboard and its associated POMS EMI Data Warehouse provides the required information for the Quality Department to execute a true consolidated electronic review by exception for the final products.  This includes all the critical parameters and exceptions from all the required systems such as POMSnet and SAP.

The POMS EMI product provides customers with a single manufacturing data warehouse that is able to aggregate and contextualize manufacturing information from multiple data sources and systems, including OPC UA technology for enabling your company to Industry 4.0.